WLM-SYSTEM Überblick/Kreislauf

WLM-SYSTEM - Overview

The WLM-SYSTEM is a sustainable solution to systematically force the recognition and reduction of water losses by open (virtual zones) and closed (DMA) network operation. An overlapping zoning of sectors by WLM - multiparameter sensors may result in avoidance of a very costly physical zoning.

The WLM-SYSTEM enables an immediate evaulation of the actual condition of the pipe network.


The WLM-Sensor integrates an inductive flow sensor (bi-directional), a piezo-ceramic pressure sensor, a highly sensitive piezo electric noise sensor and optional a temperature sensor in one single housing. The installation affords a precise positioning of the measuring head to the intersection of the laminar and turbulent flow.

WLM-SYSTEM - Application and Benefits

The parameters, FLOW, NOISE, PRESSURE and TEMPERATURE are continuously measured. Typically, this measurement is performed during the calm night hours, i.e. between 3 and 4 am. Measurements are obtained, processed and stored for the later transmission to a central PC/SCADA (or online).

Every deviation found between the measured and previously stored values (for example increased flow, flow direction changes, decreased pressure and/or a higher noise, leak- or flow noise) is automatically registered and displayed with an alarm raised by the AQUALYS Software (and SMS).

WLM-SYSTEM - Main features

Network monitoring Inductive flow-metering Hot tapping Active leakage control

  • Installation to any pipe dimension/material
  • Active leakage survey
  • Hot tapping under full pressure
  • Long term maintenance free
  • Keeping leakage level at a minimum
  • Analogue noise interface – hydrophone (connection to correlator)
  • Diagnosis of network condition
  • Step by step installation
  • Immediate leakage warning
  • Easy connection to any SCADA system
  • SMS-Warning
  • Optional temperature measurement
  • Highly cost effective “Sensor”-chamber installation
  • Theft- and flooding alarm
  • Water balance module (totalizer)
  • “ONLINE” leakage warning

WLM-SYSTEM - Connection box according to IP68 standard

  • O-Ring sealing - up to 5 bar - visible
  • Visible fuse
  • Modem LED visible
  • Internal or external antenna
  • 100% sealed plugs
Box IP68 Quer


The Software for the WLM-SYSTEM manages both the data transfer between the central PC and the WLM-Sensors, and enables a graphical and numerical display of these data. The user-friendly software provides the operator with information about the current leakage situation of the surveyed zone in the network. On an overall map the user verifies graphically if and where a leak appears. A more detailed screen of the failure (leakage zone) shows the numerical values and a time dependent diagram of Flow Noise Pressure and Temperature (optional).

Karte mit Sensoren Automatische Grenzkalkulation Grenzwerte Virtual DMA

WLM-SYSTEM - Main features of AQUALYS

  • Easy setup
  • Short and long time reports
  • Automatic offset adjusting of min/max levels
  • Compare measuring points just by one click
  • Automatic boundary setting
  • SMS info and warning
  • Remote setting of WLM-Sensors (i.e. measuring time)
  • Live data online and historical information
  • Automatic export option (connection to SCADA)
  • Totalizer for single meter or DMA including data form 3rd party (water balance)
  • Easy zoning option (DMA) or virtual zoning

Flow measurement

The WLM-Sensor is based on the electro magnetic method and is designed as insertion probe. A key feature of the flow sensor is the ability of measuring very low flow speeds (1 cm/s). This enables system to detect smallest leaks even when it starts leaking.

The WLM-Sensor can be used with the internal data logger or it can be directly connected to any SCADA system.

Interfaces: Modbus RTU TCP 4-20mA GPRS GSM Analog modem Ethernet Fibre

Pressure and level logging

  • Pressure and levelogger for different application
    from 0,4 bar (resovoirs, ground water level)
    to 30,0 bar (high pressure systems)
  • Battery powered
  • Up to 120m cable

About us

As an effective business partner our aim is to develop an appreciation of our customers needs and to build long-term relationships based on mutual understanding and respect. As a first step on this road, we take pride in presenting to you our company.

For more than 15 years we've been active leakage service and management under the name Martinek GmbH, Messtechnik.

Inquiries and own experience during this time were leading us into the area of sustainable monitoring and leakage survey of pipe networks. The aim is and was an integral system that includes all leakage parameters in one single measurement unit (flow, pressure and noise level).

As the first step was successfully done the idea of an autonom system was born including the measurement unit, data logger and PC software to provide the users with all in one system.

The WLM - SYSTEM (Water-Loss-Management) is simple to install and easy to handle. It requires no expensive structural works like chambers and is maintenance-free. This system is currently the most modern equipment to detect leaks in defined zones and to analyse an extensive water pipe network.

Managed by Dieter Martinek, it is our objective to offer sophisticated solutions to survey and to analyse water pipe networks. The WLM-SYSTEM will help you to sustainable protect one of our most important resources, i.e. drinking water.

DI (FH) Dieter Martinek
MARTINEK GMBH Measurement Technology

How to find us

MARTINEK GMBH Measurement Technology
Burgweg 8, 6840 Götzis
Telephone: +43 - 720 - 210021
Fax: +43 - 720 - 210021-30
Mail: office@martinek.org


Water utility of Chemnitz/Germany (since 2006)
Chemnitz have a plan to cover the whole network with 4 parameter probes (flow, pressure, noise and temperature). They have connected the database of AQUALYS with their existing SCADA system (IDS) using it parallel. Reference writing

Water utility of Hof/Germany (since 2006)
The WLM-SYSTEM is used via 4-20mA interface to connect it to the existing scada system. People from Hof hat tested different types of flow sensors from different suppliers and are now using only the WLM-Sensors with the special chamber. The reason for their decision beside the good measurement results were the favourable and easy installation of the sensors.

Water utilty of Tallinn-Tallina Vesi/Estonia (Seit 2003)
Tallinn waterworks was one of the first customers we had and is still expanding the coverage of the monitoring in their pipe system. Best is to read the letter of reference from the network manager.

...and lots of other satisfied customers!

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WLM-SYSTEM Presentation
WLM-SYSTEM Connection box


MARTINEK GMBH Measurement Technology
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